Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show opened at The McCoy Theatre on October 31st, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Set

Usefulness is the order of the day. Before it's a castle or a spaceship, our set is a space where several specific tasks are performed. Generally I like uncluttered, useful, multifunctional spaces blending real and abstract elements. I prefer rakes to tiers, but if we've got a cast in heels, that may be out of the question.
Most Rocky Horror sets I've seen have a pop art asthetic and directly reference the pieces of horror/sci-fi mentioned in the

I'd like our space to actually be a piece of pop art that puts our characters inside a pulp horror/sci-fi context, rather than a space that simply acknowledges the script's pop culture

refrences. Most productions go gothic, I'd like to embrace the sci-fi.

Less is more. That doesn't necessarily mean sparce.

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