Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show opened at The McCoy Theatre on October 31st, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Cast

Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show has a cast.

I saw a lot of talent this week and I wish I could have used everyone. But we've a limited number of pumps to fill.

And we've got a dream team to fill them. This is going to be fun-- thank you all.

Narrator: Alicia Queen

Frank: Dylan Hunter

Brad: Jim Short

Janet: Stacy Cotham

Magenta: Alicia Buxton

Columbia: Katie Preston

Riff: Jonathan Wigand

Rocky: Curry O'Day

Eddie: Andrew Whaley

Dr. Scott: Jorge Saucedo


Bevin McWilliams (Usherette/Science Fiction Double Feature)
Maia Henkin
Leslie Sligh
Meredith Cavin
Liz Mansfield
Kiera Nowacki
India Rhodes
Durham Kyle


dylan said...

what about columbia?

PeskyFly said...


Katie Preston as Columbia