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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Set as pop art: A Clearer Picture

The set needs to be a castle, a spaceship, and the set of American Bandstand or stage at some punk club in the heartland. And a lab, and... It's EASY.

Forget castle, think about two spaceships. One has crashed nose down, the other is being rebuilt. The crash sight is fins-up and the ship is in a state of decay. Its profile is castle-like.

The ship being built is nose up but incomplete. It is also castle-like.

This seems like a place to start.

Riff's opening line in "Frankenstein Place" is usually delivered as a kind of sinister incantation. But if you take it literally it's a plea: "let the dreams bring sunshine." I can see "the light" being Riff with a blowtorch working on the rebuild all alone.

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